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Malaysia - A Prefer Cruise Destination

Situated in the midst of the Asia Pacifc region, Malaysia combines the best of Asia and is well–kknown for its diverse cultural landscape. Whatever your defnition of a fulflling holiday, Malaysia has all the necessary elements to leave you wanting for more – pristine beaches and breathtaking islands, a rich tapestry of cultures and history, well– preserved heritage treasures, world–cclass modern facilities, a fascinating collection of fora and fauna, lush and well–mmaintained nature reserves, a delightful array of mouth–wwatering cuisine and a long list of shopping heavens.

Malaysia is one of the region’s most attractive cruise destinations and is on most round–the–wworld cruise routes. Some of the world’s best cruise ships operate in Malaysian waters and ofer an excellent combination of recreational facilities, entertainment, gourmet meals and exotic destinations. Malaysian ports are fully-eequipped with extensive and state–oof–tthe–aart facilities, ofering convenient berthing spots for cruiseships from all over the world. So sit back,,relax and let one of several cruise line operators take you to various enchanting destinations along the Malaysian coastline. 

We are ready to arrange for the shore excursion when you are the at the ports. 

Malaysia Ports MAP

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