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Malaysia sits at the heart of Asia, the largest and fastest growing economic region in the world. 

The country enjoys multicultural diversity, a multitude of venue and accommodation options, as well as an exceptional range of travel experiences for visitors attending business and leisure events. It all makes for a compelling business and international events destination.

Why Malaysia

  • STRATEGIC LOCATION – Located between China and India, and at the heart of ASEAN.
  • EASY ACCESS – 60 international airlines from more than 100 destinations.

  • VALUE FOR MONEY – First-class accommodations, venues and services at a competitive price.

  • STABILITY – First-class accommodations, venues and services at a competitive price.

  • SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY -Six international airports, 16 domestic airports, efficient road and rail infrastructure.

  • WORLD CLASS VENUE & SERVICE – Purpose-built or unique venues, we have dedicated professionals to support our product.

  • BUSINESS-FRIENDLY-English is widely spoken, making business transactions a breeze.

  • VIBRANT ECONOMY -18th most competitive country – World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

  • UNIQUE CULTURAL DIVERSITY – An amazing variety of cultures, lifestyles, cuisines and arts. Malaysia, Truly Asia. 

What we can offer

  • DESTINATION SUGGESTION – We suggest best destinations for the clients according to their scale of event, budget, convenient and etc.
  • VENUE CONSIDERATION – Considering the capacity, facilities and amenities for exhibition, meeting, conference.

  • ACCOMMODATION – Suggest different level of accommodation include hotels, resorts, bungalow. etc. 

  • TRANSFER SERVICES – Provide all kind of transfer services include land, air, sea, and rail to ensure event run smoothly.

  • EVENT MANAGEMENT – We have capable experience partners to handle from small to big scale events, and also strong government body (MyCEB, PCEB) to support through out the event.

  • TOURS – Our tour specialist will design for clients for any tour with professional tour guide in your require language speaking guide. 

  • TEAM BUILDING – All kind of team building can be arranged to enhance bonding between the team members. 

  • GALA DINNER – Our countries are rich in variety of taste of foods, definitely not the problem for us.
Sources (Pictures & Info): Tourism Malaysia and MyCEB